Videos of Howe Sound

Howe Sound – Vancouver’s Wild Neighbour

Explore the Sea to Sky Marine Trail with Bob and Tim Turner.

Exploring Britannia Creek with John Buchanan

Citizen biologist and Squamish resident John Buchanan shares his passion for Britannia Creek.

Give the love to the wiggly fish

Ramona de Graff tells us why forage fish and their beach habitats are essential for healthy salmon and whales.

Howe Sound 45

A video done by 16 year old Chris Dietrich shows us a variety of ways to enjoy Howe Sound.

Underwater Howe Sound

In recent years efforts to reduce pollution in Howe Sound have resulted in a resurgence of the undersea ecosystem. Chris Harvey-Clark filmed this beautiful underwater footage of marine creatures off the shores of Bowen Island, BC. Edited by Stephen Foster.

Cradles of Glass

Cradles of Glass is a primer on the glass cloud sponges of Howe Sound. These sponges are delicate organisms and are in dire need of protection.
(Credit: Roy Mulder and Canadian Marine Environment Protection Society)

The Salmon are Back!

(Credit: Bob Turner)