Get inspired by Howe Sound with these amazing music videos

Listen closely. Gibsons-based musician Celso Machado and students at Emily Carr University of Art + Design weave stories of Howe Sound into original songs and music videos using unusual instruments: animal bones scraping together, underwater whale calls and whistles made from rocks, to name a few.

These EcoMUSICology videos, prepared for a course taught by Sarah Van Borek, feature interviews with Howe Sound residents who show the beauty of the region and the need to protect it through unique lenses. The David Suzuki Foundation partnered on this project to highlight our natural capital work in the region through visual stories.

Chad Hershler examines the nature of creativity and connections between people, self-expression and place. Donna Gibbs paints a passionate picture of what it’s like to be underwater in Howe Sound. Randall Lewis shares the Squamish Nation’s efforts to recover the Squamish estuary. Elaine Graham tells the story of the past, present and future of Lighthouse Park and the Howe Sound region.

Original songs and music videos were produced by the students in collaboration with Celso Machado and sound engineer Jeremy Therrien.

Watch the videos and get inspired by the beauty, people and possibility of B.C.’s Howe Sound.

3 thoughts on “Get inspired by Howe Sound with these amazing music videos

  1. It s ALL so BEAUTIFUL !!!!! Sounds and surrounding Life .
    God has So Blessed us and we should be Caring for it !

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