Underwater Council of British Columbia Releases Results of Bioherm Diving Survey


The Underwater Council of British Columbia (UCBC) has posted the Summary Report for their Glass Sponge Bioherm Diving Survey.  The survey was conducted in regards to installation of a mooring buoy at the Halkett Point deep bioherm and sponge garden.  These glass sponge bioherms, a habitat and potential nursery for rockfish, are consistently damaged due to regular diving, where divers use weighted drop lines or are inadequately trained.

The survey found that majority of respondents support placement of a mooring buoy at Halkett Point deep reef bioherm.  However, potential hazards and sponge damage associated from increased diving are concerning.  Further consultation and site surveys will occur before a final decision is made.  UCBC has begun discussion with dive training centres, as results of the survey indicate training beyond Open Water certification should be required for diving in the area.

View the Summary Report for the Bioherm Diving Survey on the UCBC website.

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