Economic Baseline for Howe Sound

Steve Nicol, Lions Gate Consulting

The purpose of this work plan is to assemble baseline economic data for the proposed Howe Sound Protected Area for those values that might be affected by a park designation. The baseline would then be available for subsequent use in the determination of potential effects of park designation. It would therefore align with valued components to be considered in an assessment of effects.


An Initial Estimate of the Value of Ecosystem Services in Howe Sound

Michele Molnar, David Suzuki Foundation

This is a summary of work that is now underway, results of which will be posted on this site soon.

Our natural environment provides things we need to survive — breathable air, drinkable water, food for nourishment, security from flood and storm, and stable atmospheric conditions, to name a few ecosystem goods and services. Natural systems also provide things essential for every economy to survive, such as oxygen, water and resources, indeed everything in the built environment originated from the natural environment. Natural systems are only now beginning to be viewed as economic assets, providing economically valuable goods and services.